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Stucco & Masonry Repair in Sacramento

Providing Top-Quality Services

It is extremely common in our line of work to come across faulty stucco construction and faulty brick and stone façade. Generally, these surfaces look normal and sound, but we must admit that stucco and masonry are extremely susceptible to water intrusion and moisture cultivation. Both are factors that lead to water damage, in most cases. Stucco, brick, stone, and mortar are all significantly porous materials that are prone to retain moisture, break and crack, and conceal water damage in hidden areas behind the surface.

Here at Good Life Construction, we have many years of experience in this field of the home improvement industry, and we want to help you in the maintenance and preservation of your home. Our Sacramento stucco and masonry repair experts are here to identify any compromises in your stucco siding or brick veneer and provide the proper and logical solutions for any issues that might arise. We are glad to lend our time and services to you and we promise to deliver on quality, competitive cost, and integrity.

Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and estimate appointment at (916) 884-6132.

Our Stucco & Masonry Services

The Good Life Construction team is completely dedicated to helping you and improving the state of your home. Our team is trained and equipped to perform every kind of stucco and masonry repair possible. The extent of our service ability is anything from minor patches and simple repairs to entire wall replacements and complete stucco application.

We offer a range of stucco and masonry services, including:

  • Stucco repair
  • Stucco application
  • Stucco and flashing at windows
  • Stucco and flashing at doors
  • Stucco and flashing at roofing
  • Conventional stucco
  • EIFS stucco
  • Brick repair
  • Brick installation
  • Brick flashing
  • Stone repair
  • Stone installation
  • Stone flashing

Signs You Need Stucco or Masonry Repair

The most vulnerable and common areas where leaks and damages are typically found are windows, doors, and roof-to-wall joints. More often than not, we encounter significant framing and structural damages hidden behind leaking stucco and brick masonry. The stucco and brick do not rot, which prevents the untrained eye from seeing serious problems in any given area. However, there are several signs you can keep an eye out for that indicate it’s time to call for stucco and masonry repair.

Common signs that stucco needs to be repaired include:

  • Numerous cracks
  • Missing chips and chunks
  • Damp-looking stucco
  • Bubbles, stains, or crumbling
  • Moss on stucco
  • Indentations and soft spots
  • Impact damage
  • Window caulk gapping or cracking
  • Soft drywall inside
  • Moisture on basement walls

Signs you need masonry repairs include:

  • Deteriorated or missing mortar
  • Bulging, bowed, or cracked bricks
  • Moisture buildup on interior walls
  • Deformed windows
  • Plaster cracks
  • Drafts inside your home

Call Our Professionals Today!

Stucco and masonry repair are not DIY projects. Using incorrect materials or faulty application techniques can lead to numerous issues, including poor aesthetics, earlier wear, and increased susceptibility to damage. Only trust an experienced stucco and masonry repair contractor in Sacramento to handle your project.

Good Life Construction is based in North Highlands and has 96 years of experience! Call (916) 884-6132 or contact us online for reliable service and quality workmanship.

Why Choose Us?

  • Efficient Turn Around Times

    Not only can we handle any construction project, we will get it done quickly and completely! We won't leave until it's complete!

  • Clear and Effective Communication

    One of our primary goals is to keep the line of communication open. You'll never have to wonder what is happening with your project.

  • Over 96 Years of Experience

    Our team has seen and done it all! We have experience in every aspect of the construction business.

  • Craftsmen With Strong Moral Character

    You will never encounter a rough bunch when it comes to our team. Our team doesn't curse or smoke. Instead, you'll catch our team singing and whistling as they work. We only hire the BEST craftsmen.

  • All Crews Are In-House

    Our team is entirely trained and managed by us. We don't use subcontractors which means there are no lapses in work while we wait. We control the entire process including timeline, costs, and quality.

  • Competitive Pricing For Quality Work

    We offer premier service at affordable prices. Our team prides itself on delivering the highest quality at reasonable prices anyone can afford.


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