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Do you have damaged siding and trims on your home? Rely on Good Life Construction for professional siding repair and replacement in Sacramento. Whether the exterior of your home is rotting or just weathered, it is important to perform the needed maintenance to prolong its life and efficiency for your home.

Good Life Construction is here to service and maintain the structural integrity of your vinyl siding, and, in parallel, we are also improving the energy efficiency, shear strength, and cosmetic appeal of your house.

For an in-person estimate on siding in Sacramento, call (916) 884-6132or contact us online

A Highly-Rated Siding Company in Sacramento

Good Life Construction of North Highlands specializes in the repair and installation of vinyl siding, aluminum siding, stone siding, wood siding, Hardie siding, and fiberglass siding in Sacramento, utilizing high-quality materials and ensuring professional craftsmanship. During any repair or replacement process, we ensure proper weather-proofing measures, installation of new building paper, new flashing for all windows, and high-grade sealant or caulk for new siding.

Our siding services in Sacramento are unmatched. We have incredible reviews, financing options for your budget, a blog to keep you informed, and a photo gallery to give you inspiration!

Our siding contractors in Sacramento take the time and effort to protect your home and investment, is the right one for the job. We promise and choose to be that construction company with every client and on every project. No siding repair or installation project is either too small or too big for our siding contractors here at Good Life Construction to accomplish. Take a look at what our clients have to say about us and see why we are Sacramento's most trusted team of siding contractors!

For an in-person estimate on siding repair and installation, call (916) 884-6132or contact us online

Signs You Need Your Siding Repaired or Replaced

Siding is an essential component of defending your home against the elements. However, if the siding becomes damaged, it will not be able to perform its vital role. When confronted with the evidence that your siding has incurred some type of damage, don’t hesitate to call our experts for professional siding services.

Common signs that point toward your need for siding repair or replacement include:

  • Signs of rot
  • There are cracks and gaps
  • There is peeling paint on the interior walls
  • You notice bulging or warped siding
  • There is discoloration, streaks, or stains
  • There are rafts near walls and windows
  • There is moisture and mold inside your home
  • You notice rusty or missing nails on your siding
  • There has been material damage to your siding
  • You notice signs of pests such as termites munching on your siding
  • There are water stains on your siding
  • You've noticed a spike in your utility bills

When you work with our experienced siding contractors in Sacramento, you’ll be provided with an accurate diagnosis of your siding’s condition and honest advice about how to proceed. Whether you need a quick spot repair or a complete siding replacement, we’ll ensure the job is done right the first time. If you notice any of the signs above with your siding, we highly encourage you to contact Good Life Construction for a thorough inspection. Our siding repair and installation technicians in Sacramento will be able to repair or replace your siding as necessary.

How Much Does Siding Repair Cost In Sacramento?

The cost of siding repair services will depend on a couple of things. The cost can range from $50 - $5,000, depending on the size of the project and the severity of the repair.

Some things to consider when calculating the cost of siding repair include:

  • The siding type and material (for example, repairing stone siding will cost more than repairing vinyl siding).
  • The square footage of what you are repairing (on average, vinyl siding may cost from $2 - $5 per square foot.

To learn more about prices regarding siding repair, contact our siding contractorsin Sacramento today or call us at (916) 884-6132! To get started, we can give you a free quote.

Types of Residential Siding We Install & Repair

The experienced siding technicians at Good Life Construction offer a wide range of siding options so that you can find the best choice for your home at a reasonable price.

  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Insulated Vinyl Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Everlast Composite Siding
  • Hardie Board Siding
  • Metal Siding
  • Stone Veneer Siding
  • Log Siding
  • LP SmartSide Siding
  • Brick Siding
  • Horizontal Wood Boarding
  • Vertical Wood Boarding
  • Stucco Siding
  • Imitation Stone/Brick Siding
  • Concrete Siding
  • Glass Exterior Siding
  • Steel Log Siding
  • Wood Siding (natural or engineered wood)

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to siding installation. As one of the highest rated siding companies in Sacramento, our expert siding contractors can help you make the best decision for you and your family.

How Do I Install Siding Myself?

Installing siding on your own is possible, but is a tricky, time-consuming, and laborious task. Just like all other home-related installations, you need the right kind of equipment and the needed technical know-how to install siding on your house.

Checklist For Installing Siding Your Own Siding

  1. Leave adequate space between your siding planks
  2. Ensure proper flashing
  3. Properly nail the siding to ensure structural integrity
  4. Properly seal your siding
  5. Choose the right type of siding

Why is Space Important When Installing Siding?

One of the first and most important things to consider is that siding naturally tends to expand to a certain extent over time. These expansions are usually caused by changes in temperature and weather conditions, and if adequate space is not provided when installing, the siding will either expand or contract beyond its limit and could cause serious deformation, splitting, or warping.

How Important is Flashing in Siding Installation?

Flashing plays an important role in the prevention of moisture penetration at the walls, windows, doors, and roof. Very often, moisture and water penetrate beyond the siding and proper flashing and weatherproofing are crucial to the protection of your home.

Many homeowners and cheap contractors do not take much care when installing building paper, window flashing, roof flashing, and door flashing. They often assume that the new siding will protect the house entirely, which is simply untrue.

How to Nail on Siding

Make sure to always nail into studs and blocks with proper spacing, utilizing galvanized nails. If non-galvanized nails are used in exterior repairs then there is a high chance of corrosion due to rust. This could also lead to the eventual compromise of your siding and home.

Nailing siding is not difficult but is very important for the structural integrity of your home. Typically, siding is the only shear strength of your house walls and if the nailing is insufficient or faulty then there may be a compromise to your walls.

The Importance of Sealing Siding

The only way to ensure that your work will last for a very long time is to caulk, seal, and paint your siding installation or repairs. Always prime your siding prior to installation as a base coat sealant.

After nailing on your siding and trims, make sure to caulk and fill all nail holes, trim voids, and siding joints. Apply sealant around windows and doors especially to prevent water intrusion behind the trim and siding panels. If the siding has raw ends, fill and seal the raw wood with caulk and paint, even if it is covered by trim eventually.

Raw wood is extremely vulnerable to moisture and sealing it will save you in the long run. Finally, be generous when painting your siding project. Multiple coats of paint create a strong and elastic protective coat that will preserve your siding for many years.

Deciding Which Type of Siding to Install

Knowing which siding is best for you is always helpful in the replacement and/or repair process. It is important to know the differences between real wood siding, fiber cement, composite, or aluminum siding.

It is very common for us to see houses with previous repairs and multiple types of siding materials used in one common area. You can always consult a Sacramento siding contractor or go to your local hardware store for advice on siding replacement and siding identification.

Take Action With Your Siding IN Sacramento Today!

It is in your hands to improve and protect your home. Call us today to receive an estimate and project consultation for siding repair and installation in Sacramento. Every inspection visit includes a detailed estimate outlining all necessary repair descriptions and associated costs. We are glad to perform a follow-up visit to walk through every item and answer questions before scheduling work. Even if you choose another contractor, we are still happy to provide our knowledge and expertise. We understand that everyone has a budget and, therefore, we aim to be flexible in job costs to provide you with an uncompromised result and satisfaction.

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If you would like a Sacramento siding company to evaluate the condition of your home or inquire about complete siding and trim replacement, contactGood Life Construction today at (916) 884-6132.

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