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3 Quick and Easy Steps to Refresh Your Deck

Clean backyard deck on clean house

Refresh Your Deck with 3 Quick & Easy Steps


Decks are the perfect addition for any home! From the backyard to the front yard, decks provide a great space for outdoor entertainment, storage and more to your home. While maintaining your deck can be easy, sometimes it can be a long, tedious process. If you want to refresh your deck and make it look amazing here are four steps to help make the job simple and quick!


Step 1: Inspect & Repair


Before you begin the process, take some time to inspect your deck. Carefully examined any areas in direct contact to the ground such as a post. You can also check the parts that are connected to the home to ensure all parts are tightly connected. Be sure to look for any signs of broken wood, rust or loose screws, and any black stains that could be a potential sign of mold. For any decks that have rails, it is always a good idea to check the railing making sure it is stable without any loose wood pieces or hardware. After a thorough inspection has been completed, repair any necessary damages with new hardware and/or wood boards before cleaning the entire surface.


Step 2: Clean the Surface


Once the deck has been inspected and repaired, it is ready to be cleaned. There are a variety of deck cleaners available, however it is important to know your deck’s material type because that will help you learn which solutions are best for your home’s deck. Deck cleaners consist of various chemicals that could affect different wood stains, so choose the one that fits your needs. Regardless of material, you can scrub the surface with a stiff brush to remove any old stain or dirt. If you need to remove any tough stains, simply pressure wash your deck to remove any sun-damaged fibers. When your deck is all cleaned, make sure it has been thoroughly rinsed of all the cleaning chemicals before applying a protective finish.


Step 3: Apply the Stain or Stain the Surface


Now that the deck has been repaired, cleaned, and rinsed, stains can be applied. Wood decks are likely to utilize a stain finish because wood absorbs stain finishes and does not peel or chip, unlike a paint finish. Homeowners can apply a stain finish by brush or by spraying. For those who want to save time, spraying is the way to go. Keep in mind that areas with heavy foot-traffic tend to wear away after a while, so applying a second or third coat is ideal.

If you plan to apply a second coat, remember to spray while the first coat is still wet, or else the stain will not be absorbed by the wood. After each coat is sprayed, use a brush to roll out any stain puddles. Check any gaps between the boards and corners and be sure to remove any drips of stain.


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