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How to Maintain Your Siding During the Summer

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The siding is probably the most crucial part of the exterior to any home. It protects your house from harsh weather and intense storms, it encounters all the critters and essentially holds the home together. As the year goes by, it can be easy to neglect the siding, but depending on the material, too much neglect will become more evident. Homes with vinyl siding, for example, will notice the wear and tear overtime.


Summer is a perfect time to perform some maintenance routines across your home! Whether you prefer the midday sunshine and or late afternoon breeze, head outdoors and take some time to care for your home so it is sparkling clean and ready for the winter months ahead.


If you are unsure of where to begin, here are three easy and simple steps to help guide you!


1). Check for Damage


Before you begin to inspect the siding, the first thing you should consider is the type of siding on your home. Damages or signs of damages will look differently depending on the siding material. For example, if you have vinyl siding, look for extreme fading of color, split panels or changes in texture where it feels more rough than usual. With wood siding, signs of damage would look like peeling paint, loose panels, insect activity or soft spots, which are usually signs of rot and should be treated immediately. For those with aluminum siding, check for dents, dirt buildup and rusting. Damages to brick siding will look like discolored, cracked or receding mortar.


In addition to material damage, homeowners should also keep an eye out for signs of insect damage. The summer season typically brings an influx of outdoor critters that could potentially be attracted to your siding. Be sure to also inspect the gaps between each siding panel and exterior walls. Once you have thoroughly inspected your siding and have treated all necessary damages, you are ready to clean.


2). Clean the Siding


The siding is basically a shield, or protective layer for your home, which makes it susceptible to dirt, dust, debris and more. As these things can build up, it can attract other unwanted pests, mold and mildew. Avoid the damage by cleaning your siding for both a polished finish and fresh exterior that will keep it long-lasting. The cleaning process might vary as well, depending on your siding type. For vinyl siding, simply take a clean cloth or sponge and add some mild detergent and water and scrub thoroughly. If you are looking for a fast and easy clean, use a pressure washer to help remove any loose dirt and debris.


3). Repair, Replace or Repaint


Now that your home’s exterior is nice and clean, think about any specific areas that might need some touch ups or renovations. If you notice any gaps, holes, cracks or other damages, look into replacement options. The earlier you treat the damage and replace it, the more time and money you could save down the line. If you noticed your siding is still a bit discolored after washing it, it might be time for a fresh coat of paint. Remember, the type of siding you have will require different replacement steps, so check your siding first before replacing any materials.

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