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Dry rot wood repair - everything what you need to know about it

Good Life Construction repair crew working on siding and window repair from dry rot damage in Sacramento CA

Dry Rot Repair in Your Own Home, A Guide

Dry Rot, What it is and How to get Rid of it.

Identifying dry rot can be easy, but preventing it and repairing it is a different challenge. Here is some information on necessary steps on dry rot identification, dry rot treatment, and what to do when you have found dry rot wood, or dry rot in wood.

As the seasons change from cold and wet to dry and hot, in California especially, we should be taking the time to inspect our homes from the effects or damages that nature can bring on our homes. Often times during a wet winter, or even when there is not much rain but enough moisture in the air, water or moisture finds its way into cracks and seems of the exterior of California homes. Many homeowners are unaware of the damage that can be caused from the build up of moisture in the siding of the home, whether its stucco, T1-11, Hardie Board, or other types of siding, it can trap moisture and allow for a wood damaging fungus to grow. When water is trapped between within the walls of your home, and the weather begins to heat up the structure, the trapped moisture begins to eat away at any wood that it touches. If left alone for long enough, the wooden structure will become brittle and weak, crippling the structure of the wooden frame. This is why we at Good Life Construction would strongly advise every home owner to regularly check and inspect their homes for any signs of cracked or leaking siding, window sills, door frames, and exterior trims. If you would like a second opinion, it never hurts to call a local professional to inspect your home for signs of rotting wood.

What Does Dry Rot Look Like - Evidence of Wood Rot

Dry rot can be identified in many different ways and usually it is easily recognized. With wooden siding like T1-11, which is the most common and affordable siding in cities around California with a relatively dry and calm climate, you can look at it from the side and look for warping or bubbling in the siding. You can also take a dull object like a screw driver or a metal rod and lightly poke at areas on the exterior of your home where you assume there might be rotting wood. If the screw driver or rod breaks through with ease and the siding or wooden exterior is brittle, that is a dead giveaway that your home has dry rot damage. Other visual indicators are deteriorating wood, like something is eating away at it. Might even be termites too, but that's a different topic! Another way is if you notice that parts of your home exterior appears to look wet even when there has not been any water exposure like rainy weather or sprinklers. In any case, the best thing to do is to get a second opinion from a certified construction company, like Good Life Construction

How to Treat Dry Rot

So you have the unfortunate reality that your home has dry rot, its ok! Dry rot is 100% repairable, preventable, and fixable. If your rot repair project appears to be small, like a door frame or a small window sill, you can usually repair it with a simple wood filler or other wood and rot treatment tactics. Be sure to perform a thorough inspection of the area before performing any repairs on your own. Usually where there is a small area of rotting wood, the water has trickled down and expanded throughout the area by the time you even noticed it. If you are lucky enough to notice it early, make sure to clean off any fungus, or rot. Then you can proceed with cleaning up the entire affected area and perform the patch work with the wood filler. Then finally, sand the surface, prime and paint it.. Simple enough, right? 

If you happen to notice that your dry rot issue has already made its course and spread throughout the area of the moisture source, its best to call in the Dry rot Repair Specialists in your local area

How to Prevent Dry Rot

It is important to inspect the exterior of your home regularly or especially after major wet weather. Identify any cracks or open areas in the exterior and use caulking or other tools to properly seal off any visible cracks or openings. Keep the moisture prone areas dry, always make sure that areas around windows and door frames are dry so that dry rot does not have time to grow and damage the wood around it. Finally, when in doubt, call a local professional.  

If you live in the Greater Sacramento Area, Good Life Construction is here to help! Our team is always ready to answer any concerns about dry rot, and our crews specialize in identifying, eliminating, and repairing dry rot in residential and commercial homes for Sacramento and surrounding areas. Have a question? Call Today, 916-833-1379. Or see our reviews before considering any other contractor. We would be honored to help you fix any wood rot repair problem. 

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