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4 Easy Ways to Save Money When Remodeling a Bathroom

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Thinking About Remodeling Your Bathroom? Save Money With These 4 Ways

Like any other part of your home, bathrooms are also meant for comfort and relaxation! If you are hoping to give your bathroom a facelift, there are several ways to upgrade your space without costing a fortune. Renovating your bathrooms is also a great easy way to add value to your home.


So, if you are planning to remodel your bathroom, take some time to inspect the condition of your space and think about what you should focus on replacing, repairing and renovating. If there are changes that you want to make, take note of it, these notes will help you create a budget and plan accordingly.


If you are not sure where to start or how to save money, here are four simple and affordable ideas for renovating your bathroom.


1). Refresh Your Cabinets, Hardware or Mirror


Save lots of money on cabinets by retouching and refreshing your existing cabinets! Although this might take some time, it is a simple way to save lots of bank on buying and installing new bathroom cabinets. This could be a fun project for DIY lovers that can easily sand, repaint and replace the hardware of the cabinets to colors and knobs of their choice.


Depending on the size of your bathroom, swapping out your existing mirror for a new one can be an affordable project for some. Is your bathroom mirror outdated in style or doesn’t fit your room space? Well, luckily there are countless fun and cheaper alternatives that can bring your mirror to life. For example, if your mirror begins to show signs of wear and tear along the edges, add a stylish frame to spice it up. Customizing your mirror with your own DIY mold is another possible project too.


2) Swap Out Your Sink or Toilet

If you’ve lived in your home for several years, chances are some of your amenities are a bit outdated or are starting to show signs of normal wear and tear. If so, consider swapping out your sink for a new design faucet. With a wide selection of faucet styles available, you can certainly find a model that fits your design inspiration.


Trade out your old toilet for a brand new one for a more comfortable experience. If you have the strength to carry a toilet (or know someone that can help you), save yourself some time and money on calling a plumber and simply install it yourself. Surprisingly, there are very few waterline hookups required when installing a toilet, but be sure to have a friend for assistance.


3) Upgrade Your Countertops


With there being less counter space in the bathroom than there is in other areas such as the kitchen, you can choose from a variety of countertop options for a low cost. For many homeowners today, granite countertops have become largely popular because it brings a sleek design for a fraction of the price. However, a helpful tip for saving big on countertops is to look at the color options; it is very likely that the more popular color choices will be more expensive. For example, neutral colors such as tan, brown, and light beige are increasingly popular and more expensive, so you might want to steer away from these options for your bathroom.


If you are looking to add a granite countertop, consider purchasing a slab that has some imperfections. If the slab has a chip or cracked along the edge, it will be discounted in price and save you a lot more. However, don’t worry too much about these imperfections showing on your counter because they will most likely be cut out or along the sink edge. If granite does not fit what you are looking for, there are plenty of other low-cost alternatives to choose from including high definition laminate, quartz, faux stone ceramic or porcelain tiles.


4) Freshen Up Your Tiles, Flooring, Walls


Similar to other projects, you can save some room in your budget by remodeling your bathroom tiles yourself. Save yourself some time by focusing only on a certain amount or area of tile, like the areas that the water extends towards more frequently in the floor and shower area. If your shower tiles are in need of a full remodel, you can jazz up the design of your shower and choose a pattern and place in some design tiles. Create your own customized design that your family and guests will enjoy.


To learn about more ways to maintain your home and other affordable renovation tips, visit our website at If you are a homeowner or resident in the Sacramento region, Good Life Construction can assist you with many projects and repairs throughout your home. You can learn more about our services by visiting our website or giving us a call today at (916) 884-6132.

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