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5 Easy Maintenance Tips for the Exterior of Your Home

Home Maintenance Checklist

Is Your Home Ready for Summer? Here Are 5 Easy Maintenance Tips for the Exterior of Your Home

Summer is near! The transition from spring to summer means plenty of outdoor adventures, longer days and warmer temperatures. The beginning of new seasons are always a great opportunity to inspect your home and perform some regular maintenance. Before you plan to spend summer evenings outside of your home, take some time to examine the exterior of your home to ensure it is safely equipped for the summer months.

If you are unsure of what to take a look at on the outside of your home, here are 5 easy maintenance tips to help you get started!

1) Inspect Driveway

Driveways endure various harsh temperature conditions which cause some normal wear and tear. Some homes might notice significantly more cracks and holes in the driveway while others experience less visible marks. Fortunately, concrete driveways can be an easy fix with a simple cement repair product found at your local hardware store. If you plan to repair your driveway, carefully read through the instructions of your product for the best results.

2) Examine Fences and Repair

Winter storms and spring rain leave many fences broken, loose or unstable. If your home has a fence outdoors, be sure to check that each post is firm and stable. If you notice any loose areas, grab some tools to re-adjust or head to your local hardware store. This is a great task for any DIY lovers that enjoy fun outdoor projects that are inexpensive and quick. Depending on the type of fencing material in your home and size of your fence, the supplies and project time could vary.

3) Wash Exterior Windows

The summer sun is shining and so are your windows! The beginning of summer is a great time to wash your windows from the outside. For the average homeowner, cleaning the exterior windows is a maintenance task that is not a regular routine, whether weekly or monthly. Spend a cool summer morning outside and grab a bucket, fill it with hot soapy water, a sponge and scrub away. While this task might require some effort to get to any higher windows and using tools like a ladder, it will definitely be worth the hassle when you can admire your glossy, bright windows.

4) Replace and Repair Window Screens

Window screens essentially serve as an outer protection for your home’s windows. These screens keep debris, dust and so many different bugs and critters from entering through your windows. As a result, each screen begins to be filled with dust and bugs overtime. So, while you wash your exterior windows, take the extra time to remove your window screens to your house and clean it thoroughly with hot soapy water. If you discover your screens are damaged or too dirty to be cleaned, replace them for a fresh look and cleaner windows.

5) Clean the Exterior

In addition to the previous tips, cleaning the overall exterior of your home can be a tedious task, but is a very necessary thing to do, especially in the summer. Every home’s exterior battles many weather conditions and constant UV rays that cause stains to moss and other bacteria, nasty webs, dirt build-up and so much more. Refresh the outside of your home with a nice soft wash to eliminate stains and remove dirt. Cleaning the exterior of your home also boosts your curb appeal and helps extend the lifespan of your home.

If you are a homeowner in the Sacramento area looking to repair or add to the exterior of your home, Good Life Construction has several services available for you! We understand the importance of maintaining a home all year long and want to assist you. If any project is too much for you to DIY, don't hesitate to call Good Life Construction to come out and help you with any project! or call us today at (916) 884-6132.

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