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How To Prevent Dry Rot


Understanding Dry Rot: Prevention, Treatment, and Repair

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of dry rot damage, prevention strategies, treatment options, repair processes, associated costs, and effective dry rot damage repair solutions.

1. What is Dry Rot Damage?

Dry rot is a fungal infection actively consuming wood and causing structural damage. It is a condition caused by fungi that spread and thrive in warm and wet environments.

2. How to Prevent Dry Rot Damage?

Keeping exposed wood members sealed and painted to protect them from exterior weather elements can help prevent dry rot damage. Additionally, conducting annual home inspections for moisture intrusions, including those from the roof, under the house, and plumbing leaks, is essential for mitigating the risk of dry rot.

3. Is Dry Rot Treatable?

Thankfully, dry rot is not invincible. Fungicides offer an effective remedy, capable of halting the spread of infection and inhibiting further infestation. Timely application of these treatments can salvage affected wood and prevent extensive damage.

4. Is Dry Rot Repair Expensive?

The price could vary depending on the infection and which part of the home is affected. If the infection is surface-level, treatment by a licensed applicator can range from $250 to $500.

5. Do you need a license to buy and spray fungicides to treat dry rot?

While DIY products are available to homeowners, the most potent fungicides are restricted to licensed applicators. In California, the Structural Pest Control Board mandates licensing for the application of these potent treatments, ensuring efficacy and safety standards are upheld.

6. Who repairs dry rot?

Dry rot is often repaired by contractors and/or termite companies. A licensed contractor should be qualified to remove and replace the dry rot-damaged wood members. A termite inspector is licensed by a different government agency, not only to replace the dry rot-damaged wood but also to identify dry rot as a wood-destroying organism and to chemically treat the dry rot infection.

7. Is dry rot expensive to fix?

An average job to remove and replace all dry rot-damaged wood members around a home averages between $2,000 to $10,000. Dry rot repair could be expensive if the damage extends into wood framing members.

8. How often should I inspect my home for dry rot?

It is recommended to inspect your home every two years for dry rot damage. This will allow you to repair any infection and damage in a timely manner and prevent the spread of the infection.

9. How to fix dry rot?

The best way to address dry rot is to remove the infected and damaged wood members and replace them with new building materials. It is important to identify the origin of the moisture source that caused dry rot damage initially and rectify it before installing new wood.

10. Dry rot repair products

Dry rot repair products vary from epoxy products to bonding agents for small areas. Here is a link to a Bondo patch product sold at Home Depot:Bondo Home Solutions All-Purpose Putty.

11. How much is dry rot repair?

Dry rot repair pricing varies depending on the extent of the damage and its underlying cause. For instance, replacing a damaged wood member such as a fascia board on the roof eave might be relatively inexpensive. However, addressing the root cause, such as a leaking roof, could incur higher expenses. It is crucial to address the cause when repairing dry rot damage. Hiring a professional to identify the damage and cause is recommended.

12. Is dry rot fixable?

Yes, dry rot is fixable. It is important to treat the adjacent areas with a fungicide when addressing dry rot to kill and inhibit the growth of wood decay fungi.


In conclusion, dry rot is a threat, but you can beat it! Keep an eye out for signs, seal wood, and fix leaks quickly. If dry rot appears, act fast with treatments and repairs. Remember, our Good Life Construction company is here to handle all your dry rot repairs in Sacramento with ease. And if you're unsure about your home's condition, schedule a home inspection with our sister company, Good Life Inspections. With our help, you can keep your home safe and sound for years to come.

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