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The Importance of Maintaining Your Patio During the Winter Season

Patio Cover

Is Your Patio Ready for the Winter?

As the winter season brings cold temperatures and windy conditions throughout the Sacramento Valley, it is important to protect all parts of your home including the outdoor living space. For many homeowners, a spacious patio area provides the perfect place for outdoor relaxation or entertaining guests. The beginning of the year is an ideal time to examine your patio surface and secure any outdoor furniture and appliances in case of winter rain or storm. These simple maintenance routines can easily avoid costly repairs in the future and help maintain a durable patio for your home.

Inspect the Patio Surfaces

Whether your patio has been around for years or newly built, take some time to inspect the surface of your patio, mostly checking for signs of any major cracks or damages that might be a potential safety hazard. While general wear and tear are normal for outdoor spaces, you should always take a look around your surfaces for any issues, especially during wet and cold weather conditions.

Additionally, having a clean patio surface is also important to help sustain the beauty and longevity of your patio space. Spend the weekend with your family clearing out any debris or fallen leaves on the patio. Be sure to also sweep off any dust and throw away excess garbage. Once your patio is clean, use a hose or pressure washer, depending on the surface type, to thoroughly wash the surface. Knowing what type of surface your patio consists of will also help you decide your cleaning method.

For those with stone or paver surfaces, a power wash used with very light pressure can help reach the various cracks and rocky surfaces. Homeowners with patios made of natural stone will need a light pressure washing on a frequent basis with an environmentally friendly detergent. This will help create a freshly polished finish to the sparkling natural stone. If you have a wooden patio, keep in mind that any excessive and unnecessary moisture could eventually harm the wood causing fungi infection, so be sure to consistently clear any trash from the wood area.

Protect Your Patio Furniture and Appliances

Patios bring a unique character to each home with endless furniture options for homeowners to choose from. For example, while some prefer wooden benches for outdoor seating, others might have cozy sofa cushions to comfort their guests. Regardless of your furniture style, it is imperative to properly protect each piece in case of any weather damage.

If you have additional storage space in a shed or garage, you can keep any large chairs or stools in those areas. If your furniture is waterproof or you have no additional storage space, simply choose from a variety of waterproof coverings to protect your furniture. The rainfall and extremely cold temperatures can easily leave any uncovered furniture in a broken, brittle, or stained condition. While some might be easy-clean or fix, other materials could be left ruined. If you forget to store away any cushions or fabrics, clean off any residue using a soft brush, water, and mild soap. Always let your cushions or fabrics dry properly before storing them completely away to prevent any mildew or mold. Luckily, any outdoor metal frames or tables can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and some soap. Wooden frames often require extra care because of the frame wood. Protect your outdoor wooden furniture by applying a protective sealant, then cover it completely. This method will help prevent wet conditions like ice from direct contact with the wood and will also help increase the lifespan of your wood. If you have any plastic furniture pieces, it is best to store them indoors to avoid cracking or brittle conditions, which typically occur when this material is exposed to extreme temperatures.

For many households with outdoor patios, there is most likely a barbeque grill for convenient cooking. Fortunately, grills do not require as much protection and maintenance during the winter season. However, it is a good idea to thoroughly clean the grill and cover it with the proper protection. If stains happen to appear, use a degreaser to wash them away. For grills that require propane tanks, be sure to safely remove the propane pipes and store the gas cylinder in a safe place.

Check Your Patio Awning

Another popular upgrade that many homeowners have added to their outdoor living space is a patio awning. For many homes, a patio awning not only provides a firm shade structure but also can often serve as a protective covering for your outdoor furniture or vehicles. Patio awnings can be built from a variety of materials, including redwood, aluminum, or steel. A well-built awning structure is sturdy enough to withstand winter storms and shouldn’t require much maintenance. However, if you notice any significant damage or cracks in the awning, take the proper precautions to repair the structure or contact a construction professional.

With winter storms gradually passing through the Sacramento region, take a moment to inspect all parts of your patio from the furniture to the surface. At Good Life Construction, we value the opportunity to create these unique spaces that become a place filled with memories for your home. If you happen to encounter any structural damage to your patio or need help designing your dream patio, our team at Good Life Construction is prepared to assist you. For an estimate and consultation, call us today at (916) 884-6132 for more information.

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